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Welcome to Review Dentists, a platform for submitting written reviews of oral healthcare professionals. If you don’t see the practice you want to review on our site, simply email us at info@review-dentists.com and we’ll add it for you.

We welcome both positive and negative feedback, as our goal is to create a fair and useful system for learning about dental practices from the experiences of past Patients.

To ensure the validity and value of patient reviews on our site, we’ve implemented features such as verified client buttons, helpful votes, and the ability for dental practices to respond to reviews. We’ve also developed both manual and automated processes for removing reviews that violate our guidelines. Recently, we’ve improved our detection of promotional reviews, resulting in the removal of both new and old reviews. Although our enforcement efforts have been enhanced, our review creation guidelines have remained unchanged. We’re committed to continuously improving our approach and welcome feedback from both customers and reviewers on how to make our reviews as valuable as possible for users.

Patient reviews are intended to provide authentic insights from former clients. Our objective is to capture the genuine enthusiasm (both positive and negative) that clients have about a dental practice they’ve visited, while avoiding the use of reviews for advertising, promoting, or misleading purposes. We have a zero tolerance policy for any review that is intended to mislead or manipulate users of the site or to maliciously target a dental practice.

Reviews can help others learn more about the services offered by a particular practice and their personal experience with them. They can understand the reasoning behind a practice’s star rating and ultimately determine if it is the right fit for them. While we encourage reviewers to share their enthusiasm and experience, it’s important to avoid using reviews as a means of promotion. We don’t permit any reviews that are written in exchange for payment and will remove any that are discovered. We also ask that reviewers only review one practice per review, even if they have visited the practice multiple times. However, they are welcome to mention that they are a long-term patient, which can add credibility to their review.

Under each review, you’ll have the option to react and like the review if you find it helpful. If you don’t think a review is helpful or feel that it violates our guidelines, you can let us know and we’ll take appropriate action.

Here are a few examples of reviews that we don’t allow:

  • -A dentist writing a review of their own services, pretending to be a client
  • -A disgruntled patient writing multiple negative reviews
  • -A patient writing a review in exchange for money
  • -A family member of a dental practice writing a glowing review to boost their profile
  • -A patient writing a review in exchange for a discount on their fees
  • -A dentist writing negative reviews about their competition
  • -A dentist writing a positive review for a peer in exchange for a positive review in return


If you believe we made a mistake by removing a review that shouldn’t have been taken down, please email support@review-dentists.com and we’ll review it again.